Learn to access the Akashic Records

Have you been searching for answers to your deepest questions?

Do you want to tap into a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that can transform your life?

The Akashic Records are the energetic database of the universe that contains the imprints of every soul’s information from the present lifetime, past and parallel lifetimes.

Learning to access your Akashic Records can be a powerful tool to obtain information about yourself and how to manifest your dreams. The Akashic Record can give you access to your soul gifts or simply offer guidance as to what are the best steps you can take at this time. 

In fact just being in the Akashic field can be an energetic healing, by activating this high-frequency energy, it will start to transmute lower energies and raise your frequency.

The information you can access from the Akashic record can provide infinite possibilities of any choice you could make to support you in living your highest potential and accessing your inherent wisdom.

What you can expect to learn during this workshop:

  • A brief history and origins of the Akashic Records
  • Techniques for quieting the mind and raising your vibration
  • Step by step instructions to access your Akashic Records and receive information and guidance
  • How to connect with your spirit guides, angels, and other higher powers
  • Practical tips for integrating the knowledge and guidance received from the Akashic Records into your daily life
  • Q&A time to answer any questions you may have about your experience

The Akashic Records can provide us with insights into past lives, our soul’s purpose, and current life challenges. It’s an amazing tool to use for spiritual guidance.

Join Leah and a community of other like-minded spiritual seekers in this 2 hour workshop, where you will be supported in learn how to tap into the wisdom and guidance of the Akashic Records for yourself. 


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This workshop will be led by Leah Yiannis, an experienced workshop facilitator, who will guide and support you to connect with your Akashic Records.

Leah is a trained Intuitive Energy Healer, Reiki Master practitioner, Theta Healing and Psych-K facilitator and meditation teacher.

What students are saying…

“Phillip and Leah are authentic, heart centred people with a great body of knowledge. They deliver information in an easy way to learn. Your workshops have made an absolutely positive impact in my life” 


“Joining your workshops been empowering and have enabled me to further develop and strengthen my intuition and connection, enabling me to trust my guidance and not doubt it”


“Words can not express enough how much love and appreciation I have for you and the work that you are doing to educate and guide people into higher awakenings. It’s simply miraculous!”


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