The Cosmic Soul

“You are the universe looking back at itself and learning about itself”– Nassim Haramein

 Be supported during this 3 week introductory program,to Awaken and Remember to ALL THAT WE ARE. Have your sacred space held to enable an understanding of the Cosmic Conscious soul.

• What is the spiritual approach, to manifesting your reality.

• What it means to move from a 3D to 5D reality.

• Discover how to engage the world through the eyes of your soul.

• How we can best serve humanities interest by sitting in love and compassion for all.

Be supported in group exercises around up-levelling your vibration, protecting your energetic sovereignty and releasing yourself from old paradigms of 3D matrix, fear-based living.

A safe space will be provided for participants to experience their energy systems as gateways into their cosmic heritage.

Testimonials from past participants

“A healing and sacred space to meet yourself “- N

“This workshop gave me a platform to speak my truth and share meaningfully with others” – A

“A welcoming and safe environment conducive to being able to learn and understand the concepts discussed” – C


Leah Yiannis is a trained Energy Healer, Psychic medium and Intuitive, Reiki healer, Theta Healing, Sound therapist and meditation teacher.

Phillip Kayrouz is a Psychic Medium who has trained at the Arthur Findlay College. Phillip is a trauma counsellor and holds a degree in Psychology.


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