As we go through rapid and accelerated changes in personal and planetary evolution, many of us are aware that something incredible is happening on our planet. It’s a change in frequency and an upgrade of our consciousness. We came to earth at this time to be a part of this amazing age of expansion and growth.

So what does this mean for us?

This means we’re leaving the human order of the 3rd dimension and choosing to move into the Divine order of the multidimensional worlds, where we are shifting our consciousness from one reality to another.
In order for this shift to occur for an individual, it requires us to go through an ego dismantling period. What that means is that all of the identity structures and belief systems of who we believed ourselves to be will need to break down. In doing so our true self will be revealed, as the eternal self – Beings that are fully aligned to Unconditional Love and are empowered to manifest their full creative potential.
These exciting times of ascension offer us a quantum leap into us becoming cosmic and multidimensional beings, the angelic human which is our true nature.
However this will require a greater sense of self awareness, both mentally and emotionally. We will need to clear the density and imbalanced belief structures and traumas that have been held in our being, possibly for aeons of time.
According to Lisa Renee, the process of ascension is about 99% emotional clearing. As this occurs it’s very helpful to see things objectively, in order to understand the greater task at hand. As we begin to clear traumas from our emotional bodies, become aware that more layers of suppressed emotions will come up to be acknowledged and cleared, but it’s vitally  important not to get stuck in a victimhood mindset. The more we clear the greater the self empowerment and it can become our greatest blessing, even when it doesn’t feel that way in the moment.
As these transformational forces begin to reveal more of our true selves, it’s important to know it will be up to you to discern what is appropriate for you and what you are going through at this time. Remember that we have free will to experience our own evolution and ascension process in a way that feels right for us.

What can we do to assist our ascension process?

The following guidelines will assist you in going through this transition as smoothly and easily as possible.

A regular meditative practice – It’s important to find time everyday to meditate, relax or find a quiet practice which works for you, helping you to cultivate your personal inner connection to a higher power or your higher self. This will greatly assist in developing your own personal self awareness, which is the key to unlocking higher sensory perceptions and greater intuitive discernment. As you learn to trust your intuition (your inner knowing) navigating your process will become easier for you as you relax into the flow and allow the shift to occur.

Healing the emotional body – It’s important to address and heal your emotional body. Clear and heal all emotional conflicts as they arise. This can be done by experimenting with various techniques of energy psychology and possibly working with the assistance of a healer.

Releasing the ego self – Learn ego dis-identification techniques and attempt to maintain an observer and witness consciousness, this will help you to detach from your personality and it’s ego overlay. For example knowing that you have a body but are not your body, you have emotions but you are not your emotions, you have thoughts but you are not your thoughts, you are an eternal being.

Connecting with your Soul – Conscious intention to connect with your soul and your higher self is necessary to serve your soul purpose. You may also feel guided to connect with your star family. Request and ask that all spiritual links that are required to increase your connection and communication to be rewired and activated within you. Ask Spirit/ Source Creator to anchor and activate your twelfth dimensional blueprint connections.

Linking the inner work with your conscious mind – Ask or petition your ascended Master teachers to assist you in linking your cellular memory of your inner plane work to your conscious mind in this reality. I make this request knowing I am ready for my personal and soul evolution. I am ready for this responsibility. I am committed to my soul plan.

Commit to learning more about ascension – Learn about the process of ascension so you can determine where you are in your personal soul evolution and journey. This is so you can clear more easily your karmic residue from you biological ancestry. Many of us have soul contracts for ancestral clearings do will need to heal and complete those ancestral agreements. This will propel us to the next level of light and frequency. It will be difficult to access higher light fields if we don’t process and complete this ascension work, which includes emotional healing of the collective and the collective unconscious that many of us have agreed to heal for the entire collective human species. This helps us understand why many of us have experienced intense emotional spectrums over the past few years. We are working on clearing the collective planetary field from aeons.

Spiritual Hygiene – Set aside time daily or weekly to align and balance your chakras, daily 12D shielding is recommended to protect and build your Lightbody, when needed a basic cord cutting technique for removal of improper entanglements with people or things.

Learn about your spiritual anatomy. You are multidimensional in nature, get a better mechanical understanding of the super conscious, conscious and subconscious minds. Better understanding of your spiritual anatomy will help you navigate this reality and your ascension process much easier. For further reading you can go to Energetic Synthesis website.


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