The 12th dimensional light shield is an excellent way to build the integrity of your light body. This is a spiritual hygiene tool to be used daily to build an energetic layer founded on maintaining the integrity of your Light Body, while also protecting your auric field. When practiced as a daily discipline this form of spiritual hygiene will reinstate your template bodies to their original divine blueprint structure. Your Divine Blueprint will enable you access to your soul purpose.

Regular use of the 12th dimensional shield will assist in re-patterning and clearing karmic or other imprints that would otherwise block certain DNA template activations. To trigger DNA template activations that progressively activate your full 12th strand DNA, you need to receive and hold an increasing flow of light quotient and higher energies. Most importantly, the 12th dimensional shield will assist you in the attainment of consciousness expansion as you are prepared to receive and hold the increasing flow of higher frequencies (Renne, 2022).

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Phillip Kayrouz, 2022


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