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Join us live every 2nd & 4th Sunday of each month.

First live session for 2024 starts Sunday 10th March at 7.30pm AEDT


Be supported learning to access your intuition and mediumistic abilities with an amazing online community of like-minded souls, where we hold space for each other, lovingly and without judgment as you gain confidence in trusting your intuition.

Phillip and Leah guide you in engaging online classes on Sunday evenings (Sydney time – AEDT). These sessions are not just about learning – they’re a live, experiential and interactive exploration of metaphysical topics, where discussion and practice seamlessly blend to open the door to your incredible gifts. This isn’t just a community – it’s a collective catalyst for evolution and personal growth.



Mediumship training includes:

  • Meet once a month (every second Sunday, at 7.30pm AEST)
  • Access to recorded Sitting in the Power meditation
  • Learn to expand your Auric field in order to connect to the energy body which is recognised by spirit
  • Practice connecting to spirit and holding the connection
  • Gain confidence and learn to trust messages from spirit
  • Symbols from personal history and narrative
  • Access to past recordings


x1 class monthly


Get access to Mediumship Mastery PLUS uplevel your Intuition with:

  • Meet twice a month (Mediumship 2nd Sunday & Cosmic Soul 4th Sunday of the month)
  • Ascension Classes: + Recorded meditations
  • Holographic Anatomy: Education & Healing
  • Energetic Self Mastery Tools
  • Spirit development teams
  • Learn and practice soul readings
  • Connecting to the higher expressions of self 
  • Access to past recordings


x2 classes monthly


Free access to LIVE workshops, for both Mediumship and Cosmic Soul Transformation levels:

    • Psychic Self Defence Workshop – March, 2024
    • Connecting to your Spirit Guide – May, 2024
    • Access the Akashic Records workshop – June, 2024
    • Past Life Integration – July, 2024
    • Soul Retrieval & Soul Contracts – Sept, 2024
    • Explore the Laws of Vibration & Resonance for Manifesting –      Nov, 2024

     $49 each | VALUE $294

    (Dates will be released in end Feb 2024)

    *These classes run for 2 hours and will also be recorded, so if you can’t attend live or would like re-watch they will be available to view in the members area the day after the live class.



    Modules include:

    • Auric: Aura Cleansing
    • Chakra: Chakra Balancing
    • Learn about the Mental, Emotional, Spiritual, Casual bodies
    • Using divination tools such as Oracle cards & pendulums

    VALUED AT $111.00

    Frequently asked questions

    Do I need to attend all live calls?

    Absolutely not, the live calls are there for you only when your time allows you to join them. Learning portions of live calls are recorded and available to you to watch at your leisure in the Live Call Library. Replays are always informative, but attending a live call will give you the extra practice.

    Please note: For privacy we do not record the practice part of live calls.

    What platform is used for live calls?

    Zoom. If you have never used zoom before we can send you a demo video that will give you a beginners guide on how to use zoom. The platform is however very user friendly, free and requires no skills.

    Will I be on camera?

    No, only the speaker is on camera. However if you ask a question that gets answered then you will be on screen. If you prefer to not be recorded you can switch off your camera when asking a question. Please note: Only other members have access to live call recordings in the members area. We don’t publish live video calls to the public.

    Where do I find the recordings?

    All the live call recordings are available by logging into the members area of our website.

    What if I want to cancel my membership?

    Your membership will automatically renew each month until you cancel it, you are free to cancel at anytime.

    Please note: no refunds for the last unused days of month.

    What if I experience technical issues?

    If your concern relates to sound, this is could be a hardware issue, or related to the current sound setting on your device. We suggest as a first step checking the individual settings on your device or refreshing or restarting your computer.

    If this doesn’t fix your issue please email us at info@themultidimensionalsoul.com and we will endeavor to get back to in a timely fashion.

    If you have any question not answered here please email us at: info@themultidimensionalsoul.com


    Once you join you will receive a welcome email and instant access to PSYCHIC DEVELOPMENT course.




    monthly classes + workshops



    bi-monthly classes + workshops

    If you’re tired of courses you don’t complete, that lack inspiration and fail to keep you motivated, perhaps this is the ideal space… where you’ll be excited to attend each month!

    But don’t just take our word for it, trial it for yourself! Join for just $1 for 30 days to trial the membership for a limited time.

    What past participants of our workshops are saying…

    “Authentic, heart centred people, great body of knowledge and put together in an easy way to learn. Your workshops have made an absolutely positive impact in my life”


    “This workshop helped me understand the potential in everyone to have the ability to connect with spirit. All that was needed was to be open. I felt very supported along the way without the pressure to performing or compare my stage of development with others.”  – Muy

    “Joining this group has enabled me to further develop and strengthen my intuition and connection, and has enabled me to trust my guidance and not doubt it”


    Phillip and Leah were amazing facilitators. I felt safe and encouraged to be authentic and the skills I learnt have made it possible to view and experience my day to day life on a different level. I am grateful for the resources provided and for the encouragement to focus on self care. The group members were lovely and I enjoyed the sessions. I learnt a lot about energy and spirituality. Thanks.


    “This workshop gave me a platform to speak my truth and share meaningfully with others”


    “A welcoming and safe environment to be able to grow, learn and understand more about myself”


    “Leah and Phillip provided a very high-level understanding of the multidimensional processes we live in. Throughout the course I’ve learnt so much about my soul on a conscious level, like I haven’t in all my life. At the same time I’ve started to experience a radical opening up to new levels of my own spiritual powers… This space is really magical”



    Our mission is to assist all awakening and awakened Souls to deepen into their next level of their Soul’s journey, to remember and share their amazing gifts.

    Leah Yiannis is an experienced Energy Healer and Intuitive, Reiki Master teacher, Theta Healing facilitator and meditation teacher.

    Phillip Joseph is a Psychic Medium, trained at the Arthur Findlay College in UK and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology.


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