Psychic Development

Psychic Development | 8 hours over 4 weeks live training to up-level & develop your psychic and intuitive abilities.

These classes running over 4 consecutive weeks, will be fun and interactive, for those wanting to develop their psychic and intuitive abilities.

Be supported learning to access your intuition and psychic abilities with this online development course. Carefully curated exercises will provide you with experiential and interactive principals, which will deepen your psychic connection and strengthen your ability to trust the information you are receiving.

A gentle and safe space will be provided to be nurtured while developing your intuition where you will:

  • Deepen you connection with your psychic senses
  • Learn to trust your intuition
  • Read chakras and auric fields
  • Meet your guides and angels who help you with you psychic abilities
  • Learn to distinguish and read the different energy bodies
  • Practice readings in a group environment


1. Once you join participants will also have access to a Private Facebook Group where you can be supported by the facilitators and other group members in your development, as well as join conversations and be part of a community of like minded people.

2. You will also receive access to a free meditation for clearing any blocks around accessing your intuition and receive downloads to power up your psychic skills.

Small group – Limit spaces of 6-8 places available.

The facilitators are trained as psychic mediums.

Course runs twice a year, every May and October. Email us at to be notified of dates.


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