Q: I was wondering, with humans who do not follow the ascension timeline will be able to exit the cycle at some point?

A: The question has many layers to it. The soul is the awakened unit of energy that comes into this universe to be a part of a holographic system. Through intention (desire to know itself), an aspect of thought from another universe creates a quantum spark of light and wills it to breathe.

We all leave the cycle at some point, however, those that maintain a descending timeline will implode to stardust. They will still be unified into the larger collective but they will not attain the ability to ascend out of this holographic system with consciousness intact.

The reason why we came back is to not leave anybody behind. Your presence has provided an opportunity for your parents, siblings, and others to awaken.


Q: For those who are unaware that they exist within a soul-progressive system, does this mean they’re in a descending timeline? What I mean by this is do they succumb to their own ego deception, forever preventing their alignment to humanity’s ascending timeline?

A: There will be opportunities for them to ascend and awaken. The earth will split as we know it. It has not occurred yet but it is within this trajectory. Those that rebirth within a descending timeline, will stay within a 3D earth, and attempt to move through their struggles at another period.


Q; In reference to the afterlife, if we don’t move beyond the astral level when we leave this body, does this mean we part of a manipulated (inverted) system?

In reference to the afterlife, if we don’t move beyond the astral level, we are a part of a manipulated (inverted) system. So yes there has historically been a system that was intended to keep us ‘down’.

But throughout humanity’s history, we have pushed back against this, humans have always fought to discover themselves. So large parts of the human process have involved enlightenment and self-discovery.

The challenge was we needed the majority to shift the planet, because when you birth into this system the planet’s template and the ascension templates of this solar system are connected to, and are, the actual human body. Your body IS the consciousness and stargate of this planetary system. So there was no way for the two to be separate.

There is also a false program that exists, but the term false relates to the distortions being between service to self vs service to others.

**Past lives are not inverted systems. Past lives are an authentic attempt at your soul to know itself.


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