The Multidimensional Counsellor Training

Working with Higher frequency Star Seeds and Multidimensional beings

A Multidimensional counsellor addresses in clients how trauma positions itself in many areas within our physical form, in addition to our etherical self.

As trauma has a particular densities, we allow more light into our physical and light body systems so the trauma can rise to be cleared.

Trauma comes to the surface to be cleared and healed (Transmuted). Usually when we wake to our higher 5D self, we are clearing the trauma of all our human lives, present and alternate.

Additionally, family linage trauma is also being accessed in order to be cleared. . When we awaken to our Multi dimension self we are clearing cosmic wounds and trauma as well as the human trauma. A multidimensional counsellor who works with Star Seeds ( Humans that have a seeded origin form the cosmos) will present the ability to hold space to allow for this type of new awakening to occur.

Participants frame and better understand Presence itself of a deeper paradigm in human existence. Individuals acknowledge that self-centred ego is a conflicting element in our spiritual quest to understand greater purpose in life. As behavioural entities, human beings must learn to recognise the distinction between ego possession and our quintessential desire for a greater purpose. It is acknowledged that the soul exists in a multidimensional form.

Who this is for:

Healers and practitioners desiring a greater understanding of spirituality, energy healing, and experiencing greater consciousness.

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