The Multidimensional Soul

6 week online training

Have you felt like your world has turned inside out?

Are you going through an intense shift in your current reality?


There’s a good chance you are going through or have gone through a spiritual awakening! So what now…

We are all undergoing a level of intense psychological and emotional pressure. As such we are being called to explore and know what it is that we need to do to take care of ourselves as we go through the current collective shifts.

If you are seeking support in making sense of everything that’s happening to you and you feel you are ready to transcend your current paradigm, this 6 week online program can help you answer the questions you are seeking.

The Multidimensional Soul is a program that’s been created as a resource to offer personal learning and a healing environment with a goal to better understand trauma, spiritual awakening and to obtain the necessary life skills to navigate the challenging terrain ahead of us all.

Hands up if you answer yes to any of the following:

  • You feel your soul has a higher purpose?
  • You’re driven by a strong sense of wanting to contribute?
  • You feel you have a mission or calling to complete in this lifetime?
  • Are you finding you have a low tolerance for certain people or situations which leave you drained, while others energize you?
  • Are you experiencing drastic unexplained changes in energy?
  • Are you beginning to remember everything you have every known in many lifetimes?
  • Are you longing for greater connection with others going through similar shifts?

Then this 6 week online workshop could be for you!


This workshop invites participants to frame and better understand their multidimensional nature, and how Ascension may present itself as a part of humanity’s evolutionary process.

During this workshop you will gain knowledge in:

  • Understanding our cosmic heritage and celestial origins
  • What it means to exist in an old paradigm of a 3D fear matrix vs living in a 5D reality where we create what we think
  • Humanity’s untold history – who and what we are, from a human evolutionary perspective.
  • Understanding the distinction between living from the ego self and our soul’s essence
  • How to integrate, adapt and become a part of your individual and unified soul
  • Connecting to the higher expressions of self while coming into remembering all of who we are
  • Reclaiming and integrating soul fragments, fractured through individual and collective trauma

The Multidimensional Soul Curriculum

Course Curriculum
WEEK 1 - Earth as a Sentient Being

Understanding the sentience of the earth is integral to understanding a perspective as to who and what we are as a human being. Critical Thinking as a conditioned being.
Topics Discussed:
• Earth as sentient being
• Earth's Ascension
• What is a Spiritual Awakening?
• Humanities Untold History.

Exercise: Chakra balance and Energy Healing
WEEK 2 - Frequency and Schuman’s Resonance

Frequency is oscillating energy of all sentient beings. Ascension, spiritual awakening, is the process of increasing your frequency to move into higher levels of consciousness.
*Starts30 minutes earlier
Topics Discussed:
• Harmonic & Schumann Resonance
• What is Ascension
• Development of consciousness

Exercise: Revocation of lower energies
WEEK 3 - Starseeds: Who are they and Why are they here?

Starseeds are souls reincarnated from another planet system on Earth to help the earth and others ascend.
Topics Discussed:
• 3D and 5D Paradigms
• Star Seeds
• Cosmic family
• Waking up and Remembering

Exercise: Flame of Compassion
WEEK 4 - Harmonic Development of Consciousness and Soul Trauma Fragmentation

Traumas fragmentation of your soul light can be reconfigured through the harmonic development of your consciousness.
Topics Discussed:
• The Multidimensional Self/Soul
• Soul Fragmentation

Exercise: Soul Retrieval
WEEK 5 -
The Multidimensional Soul

The Multidimensional Soul is the realization that the potential within us can expand our perceptual awareness and access to dimensions (planes) above and below our physical one.
Topics Discussed:
• Human Trauma
• How to live a purposeful life

Exercise: Cord cutting and healing
WEEK 6 - Restoring Energetic Balance

What does it mean to positively adapt to the changes happening in your life and what will help you to navigate these immense changes as gracefully and as easily as possible?
Topics Discussed:
• Energetic bodies
• Ground into your new reality
• Your new multisensory body

Exercise: Reclaim your Power



Leah Yiannis is a trained Energy Healer, Psychic medium and Intuitive, Reiki Master and meditation teacher.

Phillip Kayrouz is a Psychic Medium and a trauma counsellor and holds a degree in Psychology.

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Once you join participants will also have access to a Private Facebook Group where you can be supported by the facilitators and other group members in your development, as well as join conversations and be part of a community of like minded people.

Testimonials from past participants:

Phillip and Leah were amazing facilitators. I felt safe and encouraged to be authentic and the skills I learnt have made it possible to view and experience my day to day life on a different level. I am grateful for the resources provided and for the encouragement to focus on self care. The group members were lovely and I enjoyed the sessions. I learnt a lot about energy and spirituality. Thanks.


“This workshop gave me a platform to speak my truth and share meaningfully with others”


“This program is the mixture of providing a very high-level understanding of the multidimensional processes we live in, an experiential experience of our own multidimensional nature, as well as multidimensional energetic healing… Leah and Phillip just put all that they’ve got into this one! Throughout the course I’ve learnt so much about my soul on a conscious level, like I haven’t in all my life. At the same time I’ve started to experience a radical opening up to new levels of my own spiritual powers… This one is really magical”


I learned a lot about the physical make up of our multidimensional soul and the energy field that we exist in. It was fascinating to see the diagrams and get a visual of the quantum physics at play. I feel I have a better understanding of how to work within my own system, my own body, and my own existence to be the best version of me.


“A welcoming and safe environment to be able to grow, learn and understand more about myself”


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