Question: Do other timelines exist, and if so, why is it important for us to become acquainted with other timelines in which our soul may dwell?

Answer: The natural history and reality of Earth have been tampered with, and in order to be a part of an ascension timeline, you must dwell within a corrected earth history reality. This necessitates summoning the components of your soul that live in different timelines. This is known as reclamation. You can realign to your higher soul families by reclaiming the fractural portions of your soul and hence alternate timelines.

Question: I often hear references in the spiritual community about 12 strand DNA activations. How does our DNA become activated, and what can we do to speed up the process?

Answer: The 12 strand DNA contains the capacity for the entire human race to rise back to its natural state in this universal time space matrix. The majority of human DNA strands are inactive. When activated, the level of DNA activation, pertains to our consciousness knowing of other dimensional realms in which we live.

Also, many diverse kinds of spirit consciousness from a broad array of planets, galaxies, and universes have joined the reincarnation cycle on 3D planet earth to help activate our 12 DNA strands during earth’s Ascension timeline. They carry it with them in the coding of their souls. It is also critical to understand that the 12 strand DNA contains the ability for the entire human race to ascend back to its natural state in this cosmic time space matrix.

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