Ascension is a change in frequency spectrum, this process is fundamentally about shifting our consciousness from one reality to another. This is a very personal and evolutionary change, and you get to choose which part of the spectrum frequency change you’re involved in.

In order to adjust to shifting timelines and keep coherence and sanity it is necessary to purge the negative ego. This negative ego is the basis in which issues in our mind, emotions, and body keep us in a self-defeating, disconnected from the god self, lower frequency model. Mentorship group participants will explore various self-healing methods to recreate and initiate (remember) new way of being and thinking with neutrality, love, and peace.

In order to be recreated into something new, the current shape and its base must be dismantled as we learn more about life’s natural cycles. The truth is that the ego (negative) must die in order for the alchemy of forces to perform its miracle as a result of universal natural laws. For many people, this is happening right now (Renee 2022).

We suffer severely if we employ the negative ego to see reality, hence the main job is to let it all go. We must embrace and love ourselves for who we are RIGHT NOW, not for who we imagine we should be. This is a crucial step in our Ascension Timeline, and it is extremely complicated since it involves the transformation of all we have ever known.

The distinction between the egoic self and soul is explained by introducing the notion that we may play a role behaviourally in this life and there’s a distinction from the ego self and our soul’s essence. Unlike the notion of self, the soul exists on all levels of life. This educational process requires a willingness to connect to the higher expressions of self while coming into remembering all of who we are, particularly referencing our pre-birth plan prior to birthing into this 3D paradigm. Terms referenced through the Mentorship program may be conceptual for some, however, in order to engage your spiritual and multidimensional expressions/projections, it is important to understand this process is an individual unfoldment, that has many different facets to it.

Attuning to the collective consciousness and understanding our cosmic heritage is an important part of this module as it provides insight to a unified field that earth and its inhabitants are aligned, connected and a part of. Terms like Star Seed and Vibrational frequencies will be explained while providing education about what to do with the new awareness’s being made during this training.

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Phillip Kayrouz, 2022

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